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Okay spn fandom, let’s have a serious chat right now.

I’ve seen at least ten posts in the last five minutes complaining about this episode/season.  Which is fair.  You’re free to like or dislike whatever you want, and your reaction is valid, no matter what that reaction is.

But can we talk about why you feel that way?

Obviously, this doesn’t apply to everyone, and it may not apply to anyone at all.  But I’m getting serious vibes from these posts that 1) a lot of people are new to the show (ie haven’t been watching it live for nearly ten years), and 2) a lot of people read/write a lot more fic than they watch tv shows.  Especially tv shows that are ongoing.

The thing is, when you watch a tv show live, it’s a completely different experience than binge watching on Netflix.  I’m always completely shocked by the difference, every single time I get into a new tv show, and to be honest, it usually ends with me quitting the show only a few weeks (aka episodes) later.  That’s partially because a lot of shows decline in quality in later seasons, but it’s also because waiting a week in between episodes changes things.  It gives each episode a kind of weight that it may not deserve.  Episodes that are shitty- and there will inevitably be shitty episodes when a season is 23 episodes long and each episode is 45 minutes- are shitty for an entire week and maybe even longer if there’s a hiatus.  Even episodes that weren’t all that shitty get to stew in our brains long enough that we can find all the bits that were shitty.

(The casual viewers, by the way, tend not to be afflicted by this as much, since they don’t spend too much time outside of the 45 minutes the episode lasts on the nuances of the show)

So when we get episodes like 9x03, or even tonight’s episode (which I would argue was actually pretty fucking decent despite all the hitting us over the head with parallels), the fandom explodes.  Everyone is annoyed that the episode didn’t meet their expectations, that it was terribly written/directed/what have you, that it just wasn’t good.  And it’s valid criticism, and it’s valid to be upset.

But I wonder if everyone would be as upset if we were watching it all at once.  When most people watched episodes like Fallen Idols or Bugs all in a bundle with the rest of the episodes, did they wallow in their anger at the show for having badly written episodes, or did they just forget about them and move on?  When they watched episodes like Monster Movie or Ghostfacers, did they complain about filler episodes?  I wonder if we all watched season 9 in one long marathon, if we would be as upset about 9x03 being bad or 9x15 being a filler episode.  If maybe we’d just move on to the next episode and not worry about it until we reached the end of the show, when we would remember that it was frustrating, and then shrug because that was twenty episodes ago.

Television works differently than fanfiction, or even a movie or book.  It’s not a cohesive whole- there are good episodes and bad episodes, and literally every tv show suffers from that.  A tv show is told over the space of years, and it lives and dies based on the number of people it keeps engaged in the story.  A tv show that doesn’t hold almost everything back from the audience is a tv show that no one watches except a dedicated few.  Nobody will care if your heroes are happy and fulfilled in life.  Nobody will watch if there’s no conflict to keep things going.  Television is the opposite of instant gratification, because it has to be.  And yeah, that’s fucking frustrating because we’re invested in the show, and we want to see Dean realize that he can treat Sam like an equal, we want to see Sam forgiving Dean, we want to see them and the rest of their makeshift family getting old on that porch together.  And in fan fiction, we can get that, because we’re already invested enough in these characters to read 50,000 words of them being happily domestic.

But you know what? The general audience isn’t.  Hell, a good portion of us would switch of the tv if that happened on the show itself.  People are blaming TPTB for doing something that’s inherent to the show, something that’s been a constant since the first five minutes of the Pilot when a young mother burned to death on the ceiling.

Feel free to dislike the show, complain about it, keep watching but wish that you could stop, call the writers out on problematic shit, anything you want.  But seriously, if you’re gonna complain that somehow this season is worse than any other season specifically because there are too many filler episodes or the writers are fucking up Dean and Sam’s lives and they totally don’t need to, then you need to take another fucking look at every single season that’s gone before this one, and think about what exactly it is that you’re frustrated with.

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Some Like It Hot (PG-13)


"When you’re surrounded by perfect things…you start to appreciate the beauty in flaws."

John tended to overheat in summer nights, no matter how much he cursed and grumbled at the impeccable climate control, and although Dorian could modify his body temperature to any reasonable degree, he found that pressing his body alongside John’s was a much better alternative.

The man was tossing and turning now, kicking irritably at clinging sheets until he settled on his side with a grumpy sigh, his back turned towards Dorian.

Dorian didn’t sleep, but he liked to entertain the notion of it, lying in bed with John until the beeping alert on the fringe of his vision forced him to relocate to his charger in the corner of the room. He rolled over to consider John’s silhouette, his systems automatically calculating the angle of hunched shoulders and the curve of a smooth spine before he blinked the numbers away and concentrated on pure visual input.

The faintest glow from the lighting in the bathroom outlined the edges of John’s hair and arm in dim orange, he insisted on keeping a light on at night and vehemently denied sulking when Dorian prodded at him teasingly for it. His skin glistened slightly with a thin sheen of sweat, the back of his tank riding up over the waistband of his boxers and exposing a section of heated flesh. As Dorian watched, John exhaled, sinking back into troubled sleep as exhaustion began to overwhelm his discomfort.

He counted the breaths until they were deep and even before scooting forward quietly, skimming his fingertips along the bottom of John’s boxers absently. He had the leg off tonight, and Dorian was more fascinated by the empty space beneath his thigh than he was willing to admit.

After all the time he’d spent surrounded by MXs and their logical perfection, a little imperfection never failed to awe him.

John made a sleepy noise of protest when Dorian fitted himself against his back, fumbling backwards to pat clumsily at Dorian’s hip. “Hot,” he muttered into his pillow, wriggling his face in a feeble effort to find a cooler spot.

"Thanks," Dorian murmured, giving a silent chuckle when John emitted an unamused grunt in response. He did lower his temperature, however, until John, for lack of a better word, melted back against him with a contented grumble.

Dorian propped his head up on a hand, supporting his weight with an elbow as his hand crept up the side of John’s leg and settled on his waist. His thumb brushed against that strip of bare skin, and he barely hesitated before edging his fingers beneath the hem of the damp tank, continuing to cool his skin as he danced across John’s ribs.

"Wha…" John mumbled blurrily when Dorian reached his shoulder blade, flattening his palm to push farther up the back of his shirt in a soothing stroke. Dorian nuzzled the nape of John’s neck, breathing in the salty tang of sweat and the woody smell that was all John, then mouthed lightly at his shoulder through black fabric. A flick of his tongue to the side, then he was kissing the cluster of sun freckles that scattered across John’s shoulders and across his cheeks if he went too long outside without proper UV protection.

The man twitched beneath his administrations, breath hitching in half-conscious surprise when Dorian’s hand slid around to his chest, moving down to his stomach and back up again.

"You….petting me?" John huffed, trying to twist his head around. Dorian caught a sliver of annoyed hazel, and he tipped his head forward to plant a crooked kiss on the corner of that frowning mouth.

"Goodnight, John," he said lightly, smiling in bemusement at the inarticulate growl he received. But John didn’t move, though his breaths gained a distracted edge as Dorian pushed and pulled at the edge of his tank, rolling it up until he had full access to the expanse of flushed skin he wanted to touch, to taste, so badly.

John’s back was marked with scars, and Dorian liked those imperfections as well. He liked how their color don’t match the rest of John’s skin, how some were slightly raised or pitted so that tracing them with his fingers or tongue felt new every time, no matter how many times he kissed or loved John’s body. Really, compared to John, Dorian’s body was quite unappealing.

"Ah," John said in surprise, sounding almost alert when Dorian scratched the edge of his thumbnail over a particularly jagged scar running from his bottom rib to the backside of his hipbone. A knife wound from a drugs bust six years before he’d met Dorian. Dorian had read all the files, heard all the stories, kissed all the words from John’s slack lips as he pressed him against the kitchen counter or the couch or the floor and, even once, the backseat of the car.

"Shh," Dorian said with mock sternness, and resumed his absent touches. He liked John’s heat, his warmth, everything that made him human and alive and present. He liked feeling his own skin grow warm, when he could listen to John’s heartbeat and pretend that he was one hundred years of blood and bone instead of silicon and steel.

He liked how John made him feel human, and if it was a selfish thought, he attributed it to the little bits of humanity rubbing off on him every day.

John was asleep now, Dorian realized with a pleasant jolt. His body had finally gone slack, his skin growing cool where Dorian’s hands had caressed away its heat, and his back bumped against Dorian’s chest with every deep breath.

Dorian closed his eyes, letting the weight of John meld to his own, and considered his power reserves for a brief moment. Thirteen percent.

He could wait a little longer, he decided.

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Sam And Dean Winchester! (Mostly off 9x11)


Does anyone else notice what the writers are doing? They are totally flipping the way Sam and dean would usually act. And I like it.

So, whenever the brothers got into a fight, it was sam who would leave, but now Dean left. Also, in season 4-5ish, when Sam left he was hanging around with a demon.  And when Dean was alone he always “partnered up with” Castiel. But now, it’s switched, Sam has an angel, and dean has a demon (crowley). Not to mention that Sam (has) had some angel grace in him, and now Dean has the “Mark of Cain” or basically the ‘Lucifer bitch stamp’. Making the roles of Sam “being unclean” and Dean being some ‘holy righteous thing’ completely poof. 

Oh and then there is the whole fact of Dean thinking everyone who come in contact with him dies, just like Sam did before.

But those are just a few..

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Truth and Consequences - Reactions to First Born (Spoilers)


Okay.  First of all, let me say (without giving away too much) that I actually liked this episode, however much my shouting last night may indicate otherwise.  Shouting indicates passion.  

I’m very excited about the whole Mark of Cain storyline.  I like the whole myth arc idea for Dean.  As Sam pointed out during “Slumber Party,” these magical quests aren’t fun, they aren’t beautiful and they don’t end well for anyone.  They also tend to happen a lot to Sam.  I think that being the object of one will help Dean to understand his brother better.  I don’t hope that it will damage him too badly, just give him some insight into Sam’s psyche.  

And I love Cain.  There wasn’t much about Cain that I didn’t love.  I loved his backstory, I loved his attitude, and I aspire to be the kind of cook that can host a fight with multiple aggressors and one defender and still get dinner on the table.  (I’m getting there, honestly.)  

I’m glad that Sam and Cas had some independent interaction.  

Now I’m going to put in a spoiler cut, and if you’re a Sastiel shipper who doesn’t want their bubble popped you might want to skip to the next thing on the dash because there will be a lot of jumping up and down.  

Read More

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Troy went out how only Community could send him off, in a way that was just as epic as it was touching


Not only did they surprisingly tie up any lingering threads between Troy & Britta (This episode also had possibly the best use of Britta all season), but they also handled the end of Troy & Abed’s show bromance in the most gracefully nerdy way possible.

Troy not only was the glue that kept everyone together (just look at his farewells) but he was the first one in the group to actually realize his true potential and really act on it. You can tell from tonight’s episode just how valued Donald was by the cast & crew and it warms my heart to see him bow out in such a loving way. I wish there were a way that we could go on this journey into manhood with Troy but just like when we part ways in reality it’s time to let him fly on his own. We can only hope for the best and move forward (and by the best I mean him coming back for the inevitable Community movie).

I’m not sure if I’m fully ready to accept what Community will be without my favorite character being involved in the shenanigans but in time I’m sure I will. Plus it’s not like I don’t have 3 glorious seasons (and one very jarring season) of Troy filled memories to look back on.

So until we hopefully meet again, Take it easy Butts Carlton. I’ll miss you.

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SPN mid season finale


I feel so bad for so many reasons after last night show, but I personally think it was a really really good episode. Supernatural has the ability to rip our hearts out and that is because we are invested in the characters.  If it was badly written, then we wouldn’t love the show and get so involved with the characters like we do.  All the feels are because of the fantastic writing and acting from the cast and crew. Some of the biggest things that got me last night.

  1. Our worst fears of one of our beloved characters dying came true R.I.P. Kevin, all I can say is I really hope they can bring him back, I don’t know if they will but stranger things have happened on SPN. For a character who wasn’t even suppose to develop any further than just some kid who was a prophet and then okay done with that now, he became a part of the show and stole our hearts.
  2. First lets talk about Jared’s transitions from Sam to Gadreel, seriously he is just amazing.  Sam has been hijacked by a rogue angel, Gadreel, who is now working for Metatron. We all knew it was coming (it wasn’t Zeke and we kinda figured that out as well) but also it wasn’t Luci, and I think at this point everyone wishes it was. Then Gadreel who sucking the life from Sam because as he admitted to Metatron, he wasn’t even sure how to fix him, killed Kevin, and Sam is in there somewhere… I just can’t even imagine how Sam will take that if he finds out/knows.
  3. Castiel who was trying to help as best he could gets sent away again by Dean, and honestly I wish Dean had come clean then, but I think Cas understood because that is why he told Dean that it wasn’t Zeke otherwise what did it matter if Zeke had healed Sam it was done right? Cas must have guessed what Dean did. The praying scene omg that was just so funny, I could watch just that part over and over, you can see Misha bleeding into the character so much. O and “Cas is back in town” and Sams grin, totally see Jared breaking character there. The whole bar chat, I just wanted to squeee so cute.  Taking that other angels grace, not sure what that is going to mean for Castiel I guess we’ll find out after the hiatus. But really I just loved the interaction between Sam, Dean and Castiel they always have the best scenes.
  4. And seriously Dean is so fucked, he knows he screwed up and the guilt is killing him.  I am glad Kevin pointed it out, even if it was to who we will assume was Gadreel at that point.  I feel so bad for Dean because once again he is paying the price for just wanting to make sure Sammy is okay. He has been trained his whole life to make sure Sam was taken care of and every time it bites him in the ass in the end.  Could have closed hell, nope can’t do that Sam will die. Sam is going to die anyway, nope need to allow some angel asshole to save him. Castiel is finally safe in the bunker, nope got to send him away because said angel asshole said Sam will die. Gets to work with Castiel, nope can’t do that. Tries to tell his brother what is going on, nope can’t do that. Even though everything he is doing is to save Sam he has massive guilt and then to top it off Metatron gets hijacked Gad/Sam to kill poor Kevin Freaking Solo as Dean watches helplessly, and then leaves with his brother. And he failed Kevin, who he told not to minutes before that he wouldn’t lie to him or get him hurt. *insert gross sobbing here* So rogue angel has his brother and from what we have seen for Jan. 14th Crowley is going to be back in action, I wonder how that is going to bite Dean in the ass.

So now we all have to wait till January booo.  I can’t wait to see how they resolve some of the conflicts, such as, how Sam is going to react once he is free of Gadreel, if he gets free of Gadreel. Also now that Crowley is going to be free how he is going to go, either try to get Hell back or is he going to do something else. Now that Cas has some grace how will this change things. How is Dean going to get over the guilt, and can he? Just so much to speculate on. 

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Metatron wanted Kevin dead. Not Cas, not Dean or Sam. 

Kevin was a prophet. The only one on the planet who could read the angel tablet and know what Metatron knows.

Metatron has a weakness. And he’s doing his damndest to keep it from being discovered.

We need to find the next prophet before he does. 

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No ok but think about it. They needed Kevin to translate the tablet cuz he’s a prophet and only prophets can read tablets. With Kevin gone, they can’t find a way to reverse the spell and put the angels back. And Dean (and Sam if he is up and kicking) won’t go searching for another prophet because God forbid someone else get dragged into this big shit storm and die. So without Kevin, they’re basically fucked 7 ways to Sunday. They have the option of capturing Metatron but he’s an angel with access to Heaven so it’s nearly impossible. And Cas may have his “grace” back, but it truly isnt his own so we have no idea what these new found powers can do. With all that being said……..This is why I believe Kevin will be back.

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About tonight’s episode….


I liked it. Can’t say I loved it, but I liked it.

I like that we finally saw Garth again (despite having only been mentioned a couple of times in passing as of recent, and never with real concern as to his well-being), and I like that Garth found his own version of the apple-pie life that all hunters seem to be searching for. While the episode itself wasn’t particularly gripping - I think we might’ve seen the “nice werewolf family” act one too many times, and I think it’s gotten a little stale - it was cute to see someone like Garth so in love, and it was nice to finally get another one of those Dean/Garth bro-moments that we all love.

As I mentioned before, the episode itself wasn’t particularly gripping, and I think the ‘Ragnarok’-spiel was kinda hokey-kokey, and really underdeveloped, considering what we know Supernatural is capable of in terms of minor character motivations and how they relate to their respective mythologies. (Plus, with their more than extensive knowledge of mythology and the occult, shouldn’t Dean and Sam have already known what Ragnarok is all about? They’re not stupid, ya’ know.) However, I like that the recurring theme of revenge and its effects on a person’s psyche was expanded upon a little bit.

Also, Dean mentioning Kevin’s death, and how fucking guilty he feels about it, just fucking kills me. And then Garth, seeing that his removal from their lives has blinded him from the knowledge of his friend’s health and safety- ugh. I can’t even imagine the kind of pain they are feeling.

My least favorite thing about this episode is that the Supernatural writers have a really bad habit of forgetting about characters that aren’t physically in the episode. Namely, Castiel. We literally have no idea what Cas is doing throughout the entire episode, despite his integral part in the process of Sam’s healing and recuperation from Gadreel’s possession in the previous one. This really needs to stop happening.

My favorite thing about this episode, though, was probably the ending scene, with Dean and Sam finally talking about the status of their relationship. I really, really like that Sam is finally refusing to accept Dean’s usual “we’re brothers, we’ll get through this” speech- I think it finally shows that Sam has grown beyond their codependence, and is finished letting Dean make decisions for him. And I think Dean’s reaction is spot-on; his worst fear is losing his brother, and even though it’s not happening by means of a heavenly trial or angelic possession, it’s definitely happening, and I think Dean is terrified.

Of course, he has every right to be terrified. It has been drilled into Dean’s head from day one that Sam is his top priority - maybe even his only priority - and I absolutely blame John Winchester for making Dean’s mental health and stability reliant on Sam. (That, however, is a rant for another day.)

Sam, too, has every right to be angry with Dean as well- though Dean believed that he was protecting Sam, he lied to him again, and because of that lie, people that they both cared about got killed, and this time Sam isn’t going to stand for it. For what might be the first time in the show’s history, intentions just don’t matter (and I think this is a testament to Sam’s lessening dependence on Dean). All that matters is that important people got hurt, there are no more chances for Dean to make up for it on the horizon.

…aaaaand, I think that’s it for me. I liked the episode. Not my favorite, but I liked it well enough.

Let’s just hope that next time Sam and Dean have a heart-to-heart, they can start building up a solid, trusting, healthy relationship, instead of another one held together by their guilt and crumbling codependence.

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